Authentic “Reindeer” Games @ Cirque de Vol
Dec 2 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Authentic "Reindeer" Games @ Cirque de Vol

We invite you to come play at Authentic “Reindeer” Games! Let’s celebrate the season together with a whole lot of laughter, love, and connection.

We’re putting an Authentic Relating spin on some of the holiday classics, like: Are you naughty or nice? What’s your wise(hu)man gift? How do you give and receive? With an extra emphasis on joy and play, you can expect for this one to be as sweet as your favorite holiday cookie.

*A few extra special things to note*

  • Funny holiday outfits strongly encouraged!
  • We will be playing an authentic relating version of the white elephant gift game, so we ask that you bring a small (under $10) wrapped gift to exchange. We will have a few extra just in case.
  • Also, all profits from this event will go to charity in spirit of the season. Everyone is welcome. Please know that no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.


What is Authentic Relating?
Authentic Relating is the practice of utilizing connection as a lens for self-discovery, and vulnerability as a tool for mind-blowing, heart-opening connection in service of living more turned-on, whole lives.

A collection of values and agreements create a spacious, welcoming, transformative container for each practice: Honor self, honor other, confidentially, hide nothing, everything is OK, play full out, and owning your experience.

What is an Authentic Relating Games Night?
An Authentic Relating Games Night is a sometimes super playful, sometimes super deep community gathering where we use a mix of facilitated improvisational games and collective awareness-raising experiments to craft a night of conscious connection – or Authentic Relating – in group game form. It’s fun, it’s opening, and it’s really something to be experienced!

What is AuthenticNC?
ANC is a collection of coaches, spiritualists, dreamers, connectors, world-rockers, and community-makers who come together to achieve a common desire: create a space where love grows, wounds heal, and community connection flourishes.

When do I arrive?
The event will begin promptly at 1:00pm—please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for extra connection and in service of us starting on time. We will end at 4:00pm. There is sometimes a group who will go out afterwards for snacks and extra fun.