Authentic Relating Games: Owning our experiences @ The Flowjo
Jun 3 @ 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Authentic Relating Games: Owning our experiences @ The Flowjo

Come play and connect as we explore and practice the Authentic Relating way of being – owning our experience! Owning our experience is a huge part of living and connecting authentically, and it’s one of the most instrumental Ways of Being in Authentic Relating. To truly be authentic, we must first get in touch with and acknowledge our emotions, stories, and reactions. All the experiences that make you, you. To truly experience another person’s authenticity, we must let go of our projections and assumptions that they are just like “me.”

What you’ll find at an Authentic Relating or Circling event:
A community of people interested in living authentically and growing together.
More connection.
Deep insights.
Fantastic new realms of relationship.
Soul-enlivening community!
That is what Authentic Relating is all about!

What is Authentic Relating?
Authentic Relating is a science of human connection — a set of tools and experiences designed to help all members of the community get past small talk to feel richly connected, appreciated, and supported in learning new things about themselves. Come prepared for new levels of connection, laughter, and awe.

What is an Authentic Relating Games Night?
An Authentic Relating Games Night is a super-playful, sometimes-deep community gathering where we use a mix of facilitated improvisational games and collective awareness-raising experiments to craft a night of Authentic Relating in community connection form. It’s fun, it’s opening, and it’s really something to be experienced!