November 5, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
The Living Room
410 St. Mary's St.
NC 27605
Dawn Church
Embodiment: Authentic Relating Games Night @ The Living Room | Durham | North Carolina | United States

You were born with a natural, body-based intelligence that you can rely upon in a wide variety of life situations and circumstances. This body intelligence, called embodiment plays a huge role in shaping the mind and ultimately how we interpret the world. Imagine if we really tuned into all those amazing signals our body provides. Perhaps you will have more access to a deeper connection to self as well as connection with others

Join us for an adventurous, edgy, and sensual exploration of the five major senses in services of inhabiting more of your experience. Like turning on high def, turning up the volume to hear your favorite song, or noticing the beautiful colors of a rainbow. How exciting!!


What is Authentic Relating and Circling?

Authentic Relating is a practice engaging relationships as a lens for self-discovery, and vulnerability as a tool for mind-blowing, heart-opening connection. Circling is this practice in group form, with one person being the focal point.

A collection of values create a spacious, safe, transformative container for each practice: Honor self, honor other, hide nothing, everything is OK, own your experience.

What is an Authentic Relating Games Night?

An Authentic Relating Games Night is a super-playful, sometimes-deep community gathering where we use a mix of facilitated improvisational games and collective awareness-raising experiments to craft a night of Authentic Relating in community connection form. It’s fun, it’s opening, and it’s really something to be experienced!

What is AuthenticNC?

ANC is a collection of coaches, spiritualists, dreamers, connectors, world-rockers, and community-makers who come together to achieve a common desire: create a space where love grows, wounds heal, and community connection flourishes. Feel free to check out Authentic World and The Integral Center – where this work originated and now branches off into other communities all around the world.


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