May 7, 2017 @ 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
NC State Fairgrounds, Gov. James E. Holshouser Building
1025 Blue Ridge Rd. Raleigh
NC 27607
Dawn Church
Eye Contact Experiment at the One Tribe Festival @ NC State Fairgrounds, Gov. James E. Holshouser Building

When is the last time you really, truly slowed down and just connected with someone in silence with just your eyes? No talking, nothing to make happen, no planning, just simple eye contact. Now, when was the last time you did this with a stranger?

The power we have for connection with just this simple, yet vulnerable gesture is immense. The interenet is full of beautiful videos of people connecting deeply just through eye contact and falling in love with eachother’s presence, sometimes without even being able to speak the same language! It’s amazing!

Come play with us at the One Tribe Festival this Sunday where we will have a one hour time slot in which the leaders of AuthenticNC will facilitate whoever is present in a group container of silent eye gazing. Who knows what will happen??

*Note* The One Tribe Festival is an amazing, trade show style meeting of spiritual practitioners and service providers with great speakers and performers throughout the day. We are just one group that will be present. We encourage you to plan to spend some extra time visiting with and experiencing these other groups! You do not need to purchase a ticket for this event through AuthenticNC. You will however need to purchase a ticket for the festival. It’s $5 and you can do that here: