April 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
616 at the Village
616 Oberlin Rd
NC 27605
Dawn Church
Hide Nothing. Authentic Relating Games @ 616 at the Village

“When there is nothing left to hide, there is nothing left to seek.” -Esther Perel

How often do we project a persona or an image in order to hide who we really are? Do you hold back in your life, in relationships, at work, or in your community? Are you afraid of being judged or rejected?

During Authentic Games Night we will explore the reasons why we hide. We’ll dive deep into curiosity about how hiding serves us and how it may hinder us from living our lives to the fullest extent.

What would life be like if we showed up all the way, if we hid nothing? Would it be any different if you allowed people to REALLY see you? Come join us for a night of exploring the notion of hiding nothing in the context of authentic relating. We’ll do so in a fun, accepting and safe place to deeply connect with yourself and with others.

What is Authentic Relating?

Authentic Relating is the practice of utilizing relationships as a lens for self-discovery, and vulnerability as a tool for mind-blowing, heart-opening connection.

A collection of values create a spacious, safe, transformative container for each practice: Honor self, honor other, hide nothing, everything is OK, and owning your experience.

What is an Authentic Relating Games Night?

An Authentic Relating Games Night is a super-playful, sometimes-deep community gathering where we use a mix of facilitated improvisational games and collective awareness-raising experiments to craft a night of Authentic Relating in community connection form. It’s fun, it’s opening, and it’s really something to be experienced!

What is AuthenticNC?

ANC is a collection of coaches, spiritualists, dreamers, connectors, world-rockers, and community-makers who come together to achieve a common desire: create a space where love grows, wounds heal, and community connection flourishes.